A dachshund that likes beer.

(BEER dackle.)


The paper mat your beer glass is set on. Used to be your bar bill. In the old days, not too long ago, your tab was kept on that coaster by a series of coded tally marks. One tick mark = the beer unit you’d get if you caught the bartender’s eye and pointed at the ceiling.

(BEER deckle.)


The “gamemaker.” Someone like Michael Ballack, who sets up the plays. Manages to be in the right places at the right times.

(SHPEEL mocker.)


“Fear opponents.” Italy.

(ONGST gay g ner.)


The tap system through which beer travels from chilled kegs into glasses. These lines are steam-sterilized every night in good bars.

(TSOPF on log eh.)

ein gepflegtes Bier

A “cared-for” beer, meaning a decent one. Pukka. Used to describe a very acceptable draft, properly served.

(Eye n geh FLAKE tess beer.)

es perlt

“It pearls.” Means you like this beer.

(Ess PERIL t.)


“Drinkingly solid.” Able to hold your beer while keeping up with the group. Not like frat boys, but paced because you are going to be drinking and discussing for two or three days, more if it’s Karneval.

(TRINK fest.)


An old-fashioned bottle closure made of wire, ceramic and a rubber seal. Makes a “foop” sound when opened. Flensburger is a well-known beer sold in these bottles.

(B EW! gull flosh ah.)


“Turning in.” Tourists walking through hilly old towns occasionally turn aside from their path and enter cafés, pubs and beergardens for a little light refreshment. Sometimes every 30 meters.

(EYE n care en.)


“Preglowing,” “preheating,” “pre-ignition.” Predrinking, pregaming. The party before the party.

(FORE glue en.)


“Mood cannon.” Someone who tends to be the life and soul of the party, reliably so. Often a female pub owner. Ina Müller‘s talk show is based on such a character.

(SHTIM oongs kah KNOWN ah.)


“Shamed.” Related to the French verb honnir, to shame, used in the English motto “Honi soit, qui mal y pense.” Which is often translated into German as “a schelm” or “a schuft” is “whoever thinks evil there.”

(Fer HÖH nt.)


“Island monkeys.” An affectionate term for the English.

Update on 03 May 2013: “Island mentality” it’s being called in the leadup to the (exciting!) Champions League final at Wembley on 25 May 2013.

(INN zell off en.)


Cheeky monkey, little rascal, smooth operator, son of a gun.

(Shla VEE ner.)


Caitiff, rapscallion, scoundrel.

(SHOO fft.)


Imp, prankster.

(SHELL m.)


Joker character who sits on your shoulder and whispers terrible suggestions into your ear.

(SHAWL k.)

Schalker Kreisel

“Schalke top.” Both the name of the Schalke 04 stadium and the machine-like passing system Schalke 04 invented that works the ball down the field in triangles of players. Wikipedia says it is called “one-touch football” in English and based on a Scottish short-passing system.

(SHAWL kehr CRY zell.)


“Fritz Walter weather.” Rainy. Named after 1954 Germany captain Fritz Walter who was apparently a bit of a mudder.

(Fritz VOLL tah VET tah.)


“Summer fairy tale.” What happens in a year when your country’s soccer team wins an international Cup.

(ZOM er MARE shen.)

die schönste Nebensache der Welt

“The most beautiful thing of secondary importance in the world.” Some people think this is sex, some soccer. N.B.: What if you’re in outer space?

(Dee SHUN steh NABE en ZOCK eh der VELT.)

König Fussball

“King Soccer.” He has a name.

(KÖN ig FOOSS ball.)



(SHPROCK ettes.)

Ijon Tichy: Raumpilot

“Ijon Tichy: Space Pilot.” Recent science fiction comedy series loosely based on stories by Stanisław Lem. Deliberate use of kitchen implements and a Berlin apartment in the sets.

(EE yon TEE hee: R OW! M pee loat.)

Raumpatrouille Orion

“Space Patrol Orion.” A 1966 German TV space opera. Famous for sets that used strings, kitchen implements and empty yogurt containers. The actresses’ costumes were also somewhat unusual.

(R OW! M pot roux eel OR ee on.)

die Macht

The Force.


Raumschiff Entenscheiss

“Spaceship Duck Poop.” Pun on the original Star Trek’s original German title.

(R OW! M shiff ENT en scheiss.)

Raumschiff Enterprise

“Spaceship Enterprise,” the original German title of the original Star Trek television series.

(R OW! M shiff ENT er prize.)


“Future music.” Dreams about the future. Pie in the sky.

(Tsoo coon fts mooz EEK.)

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