“Experimentierfreudig, pflichtvergessen und angstfrei”

Finding pleasure in experimenting, forgetting about what you “ought” to do, and being free of fear.

From Zeit’s profile of a 61-year-old Irishwoman who just spent a year as an Erasmus student in Berlin.

In her blog, Lulu Sinnott described discovering a city but also what it felt like to be totally free for the first time in her life. And the atmosphere in a Berlin pub when Germany won the World Cup.

“Since I was sunbathing at the many lakes in Berlin, trying out all the groovy cafes and dancing as often as I could, I endlessly postponed the finishing of the school work I had to do, and ended up doing all the work in the final week. I couldn’t believe myself. I’m the person who hands essays in early usually, who never risks having to get an extension, who spends her weekends at the desk. Will I be able to revert to being a swot again? Having a completely laid-back semester has changed me in some way, made me less anxious about results in general, since they are all a ridiculous fiction anyhow.”

(Exp ear ee meant EAR froy dichh,   flichht fair GESS en   oont   angst FRY.)

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