Das bäuerliche Flughöhenbarometer

The farmer’s flight height barometer, from the trove of German “farmer wisdom.”

Some beautifully acrobatic birds that summer in Germany feed on flying insects that stay near the ground in low pressure systems but may venture much higher in warm rising air. Watching the birds swoop and spin to catch them can thus tell you about the weather.

(Doss   BOY ah lichh ah   FLOOG hə en bah roh MAY tah.)

Das Eis lutschen, solange es noch kalt ist.

To suck on the popsicle while it’s still cold.

(Doss   ICE   lootch en,   zoh long   ess   nochh   CALLT   iss t.)


“Summer hole.” The lack of interesting news stories in summer when everyone goes on vacation. Outside the USA, the English translation for Sommerloch is “silly season,” according to Wikipedia. Inside the US, it’s called the “slow news season.”


“Turning in.” Tourists walking through hilly old towns occasionally turn aside from their path and enter cafés, pubs and beergardens for a little light refreshment. Sometimes every 30 meters.

(EYE n care en.)

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