“Senf verfärbt nur das Ergebnis.”

“Mustard merely discolors the achievement.” Dittsche on condiments and mystery meatballs in the fast food industry.


Children’s word for horse. From the hilarious rambling discussion of mislabeled horse meat in the first 2013 episode of Dittsche. “Bears can grow to be quite old… but horses aren’t getting old anymore, are they?”

Wiktionary writes that the word comes from the German words for “gee” and “haw,” with hott meaning right and meaning left.

(Hotteh hüüü.)

Seinen Mann stehen

Stand your man,” but it means buying your round in the pub.

(ZYE nen   MONN   shtay hen.)

es perlt

“It pearls.” Means you like this beer.

(Ess PERIL t.)

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