“Wenn jeder ein bisschen weniger leistet, dann reicht das nicht mehr aus.”

“When each person does a little bit less, it’s no longer enough.” One attempt to explain how Germany could be beating Sweden 4-0 after 60 minutes on 16 Oct 2012, and yet the match could end in a tie. That WC qualification match was the first time the German national soccer team ever wasted a four-goal lead. (Four elegant goals.)

Swedish headlines the next day included the epic “DANKE! DANKE! DANKE! DANKE!”

(Venn   yay der   eye n   bissell   venniger   lye stett,   don   rye kt   doss   nicked   mare   ow! ss.)

Leitwölfe und Siegertypen

“Leadership wolves and winner guys.” Accusations made before yesterday’s loss to Argentina that players like these are not representing in Germany’s national soccer team. Germany’s national trainer said such accusations were not helpful and fatigued him slightly.

(LIGHT vulf eh oond ZEE gerrr toop en.)

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