Human sausage links, in a good way.

The last band in Arte and Spiegel’s livestream of the 2014 heavy metal festival at Wacken asked everyone in the audience to link arms with the people on either side of them so they could sway back and forth together with nobody “getting lost.”

(MENCH en VOO ahst.)

Lauter als die Hölle

Louder than hell. Motto of the annual festival that the village of Wacken says is the world’s largest open air heavy metal concert. According to this report, Wacken villagers let metal fans from around the world camp in their lawns and gardens, saying they enjoy the international visitors and good cheer and that the 80,000 headbangers behave well on the whole. Bringing new beer buddies to Schleswig-Holstein is also not a problem, probably not ever.

There’s a thoughtful Arte documentary on YouTube about backgrounds to the Wacken festival called “Brass Band Meets Heavy Metal.”

(L ow! terrr   alss   dee   HÖ lah.)

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