To bung in.

The F.A.Z. said Bernie Ecclestone is negotiating events with autocratic regimes that are getting “bunged in” to the Formula One calendar. Sotschi in October 2014 for an estimated $50 million. Baku, Azerbaijan, in 2016.

(PROP fen.)


Water/water heat pump, which can be used e.g. for heating a residential home via groundwater according to one German manufacturer.

The U.K. government announced that to reduce its dependence on natural gas it will incentivize development of carbon-neutral water-based networks that bring heat to multiple buildings. From any body of water, such as rivers or lakes, that is exposed to sunshine the networks will take water, filter it twice, remove the extra heat via heat exchangers, concentrate that heat to 45°C via “reverse refrigeration” and pipe it to nearby buildings.

If the water is taken from a river, the current can be used to generate the electricity running the system.

England’s first such network will serve ~150 homes and a hotel|conference center in South London, said Energy Secretary Ed Davey (LibDem). He has asked the U.K.’s Department of Energy and Climate Change to draw up a map of England showing where such water-energy networks can be built.

(VOSS ah   VOSS ah   VAIR ma POOMP ah.)

Energiewende-Bremse protestieren

Protesting a brake decelerating the Energiewende, Germany’s switch to renewable energy sources and more energy independence.

Tens of thousands of people protested creatively in several German cities on 22 Mar 2014 because they are afraid the new oppositionless grosse Koalition government wants to slow down Germany’s switch to solar and wind power, and delay the shutdowns of coal and nuclear power plants. Protesters interviewed said governments should speed up the switch to renewables, not slow it down.

The first draft of the new coalition’s Energiewende reform is supposed to be ready in early April 2014.

(En nog EE venned ah   bremz ah   pro tess TEA ren.)

“Verhandlungen alle zwei Monaten”

“Negotiations recurring every two months.”

“What Putin is offering is to renegotiate the [price] every two months, to exert new pressure, and that’s the case for energy prices. The first billion Russia delivered, they fulfilled maybe 750 million of that, to pay old Ukrainian debts. That means, and Janukovytsch knows this, that if he continues to go with Russia based on prior experience he’ll get more and more knotted up in it, and that’s when he’ll really lose his power. To Moscow this time.”
—Elmar Brok (C.D.U.), chair of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs, speaking briskly but interestingly in an interview from Kiev.

(Fair HOND loong en   oll ah   tsvy   moan AH ten.)

Russische Raketenstationierung

Russian missile emplacement.

Moscow confirmed on 16 Dec 2013 that it had put short-range mobile SS-26, “Iskander” or “Stone” missiles on its western borders that could travel approx. 500 kilometers. From Kaliningrad in the island territory formerly known as East Prussia, an ARD graphic showed for example, a circle with a 500-km radius could reach all of Poland and Lithuania and even pieces of Sweden and Finland, though perhaps not quite Berlin.

These missiles travel at several times the speed of sound and were first deployed against Georgia in 2008, said.

(ROOSS ish ah   rock ATE en shtah tsee own EAR oong.)

Verkündung von Sachen, die man nicht tun wird

Leading by “announcing things one will not be doing.”

Bundespräsident Joaquin Gauck, Commissioner Viviane Reding, Président François Hollande.

Mr. Gauck made this admirable move when Germany had been without a government for weeks post-election, in a bit of a vacuum.

Update on 17 Dec 2013: President Obama announced he too would not be attending the winter Olympic games in Sochi, and then he added two gay delegates to represent the U.S.A. at Sochi. Billie Jean King.

Update on 19 Dec 2013: U.K. prime minister David Cameron will not be attending the winter games in Sochi.

(Fair KINNED oong   fawn   ZAWCHH enn,   dee   mon   nichh t   toon   veered.)

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