Führerkrankenhausbesuch als Unschuldstarnung

Leader’s hospital visit as innocence camouflage.

After last week’s compromises in the Ukrainian Rada, which Mr. Janukovytsch did not sign into law, Mr. Janukovytsch announced he was ill and disappeared into a hospital. Vitali Klitschko said that tended to be a bad sign in the Soviet era, when leaders would pretend to be sick and out of the loop when their people were getting ready to visit some atrocities on a population.

Update on 26 Jan 2014: Protests have spread beyond Kiev to many other regions of the country. The head of the military said his organization would not act against protesters.

Update on 31 Jan 2014: Army leadership spoke up “for the first time” and said the country was threatening to split apart and Mr. Janukovytsch must take steps to achieve stability and harmony in Ukrainian society. The Ukrainian opposition complained that activists were being systematically kidnapped and tortured; the United Nations called for an independent investigation of those allegations. At least 30 people are missing. One of the missing was recently found dead in the woods.

Though post-Soviet leaders may still be able to hide in hospitals, injured protesters in Ukraine cannot. Ukrainian police have also been accused of going through hospitals to menace people beaten by Ukrainian police. On 30 Jan 2014, after disappearing for nine days, activist Dmitro Bulatow turned up again with wounds all over his swollen body. It looks like they hammered nails through his hands, and cut off an ear. His spokespeople said during his ordeal he was interrogated every day by men asking, “Where is the money?” and “Who and what countries are behind the demonstrators?” After his return, the government first declared Mr. Bulatow under house arrest, because he was too injured for prison, for “organization of massive disturbances.” This prevented him from being able to seek safer medical treatment in a foreign country—reporters showed footage of police who turned up to interrogate Mr. Bulatow at the clinic where he was receiving treatment.

Germany’s foreign minister announced on Saturday, 01 Feb 2014, that he’d heard Mr. Bulatow will be permitted to leave Ukraine on Sunday. Also, Mr. Janukovytsch reportedly did finally sign the repeals of the new anti-demonstration laws.

(Führer CRONK en house be ZOO chh   ollss   OON shooldz tah noong.)

Innenminister Vitaliy Zakharchenko

Minister of Internal Affairs Vitaliy Yuriyovych Zakharchenko, responsible for security forces in the Ukrainian government headed by President Viktor Janukovytsch (Independent Party) and Prime Minister Mikola Asarow (Party of Regions).

Journalist Tetyana Chernovil wrote about police brutality and corruption among government officials, including Mr. Zakharchenko, questioning among other things where the head of Ukraine’s police forces got the money to pay for his luxurious estate, a “country manor” in the village of Pidhirtsi. “Mr. Zakharchenko is the most senior government official with direct authority over the police units involved in the [violent crackdown on protesters in Maidan square on 30 Nov 2013], and there have been repeated calls by the opposition for his dismissal,” wrote NYTimes.com.

In the middle of the night on Christmas, several men in a black Porsche S.U.V. chased Ms. Chernovil down, rammed her car, pulled her from it and beat her terribly. The Guardian said she was in intensive care where doctors were going to try to rebuild her face. But it’s hard to get it bilateral again after the cheekbones get crunched.

Bloomberg.com said Mr. Zakharchenko has been tasked with investigating this beating that might have been carried out on behalf of Mr. Zakharchenko. On 27 Dec 2013, the FinancialTimes.com reported, Mr. Janukovytsch’s government said Mr. Zakharchenko’s police found “strong” evidence linking protest leaders to the suspects the police were investigating for the crime.

Bourguiba Spracheninstitut

Language institute in Tunisia where Salafists recently tried to halt filming of a “Harlem Shake” video, actually fighting with students and waving but not wielding a Molotov cocktail. After Education Minister Abdellatif Abid (Ettakatol party, a secular center-left ally of Ennahda, Tunisia’s ruling Islamist party) threatened to expell students or fire staff involved in Harlem Shake videos this week, the Tunisian Ministry of Education’s website was hacked and a call went out via social media for a giant H.S. on Friday, March 1.

(Boor GWEE ba   SHPROCHH en in stee toot.)

Mit Steinen auf die eigene Zukunft werfen

“Throwing stones at their own future.” Young violent protesters trying to dredge up old problems in Northern Ireland. Well-said phrase from ZDF heute journal’s Marietta Slomka.

(Mitt   SHTEYE nen   ow! f   dee   EYE gen eh   TSOO koonft   verf en.)


“To hit until dead.” To beat to death, batter to death, smite, strike dead.

(TOTE shlog en.)

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