Zug ins Grüne

A train into the greener countryside.

Some wonderful person has carefully filmed, edited and posted online videos of the Stuttgart Stadtbahn light rail routes. These videos take you into the green twice, because the streetcar lines start and end in the city’s green outer periphery; they also document and share other ways of building and living.

In the video for the U2 line, you can hear kids discussing with their father while practicing multiple languages.

(TSOOG   ins   GROON ah.)

Das Eis lutschen, solange es noch kalt ist.

To suck on the popsicle while it’s still cold.

(Doss   ICE   lootch en,   zoh long   ess   nochh   CALLT   iss t.)


A tatterdemalion carpet of many colors, a rag rug, a patchwork quilt. As a metaphor it means a medieval landscape of organically-grown legacy laws that vary unpredictably between numerous small zones (whose locations and borders may also be unpredictable). These countries are fun to visit and very instructive to the historian.

Though most modern economies are trying to make their laws simpler, more uniform and thus more predictable for businesspeople, some are not rationalizing their inherited lawscape and some are even heading in the opposite direction.

(FLECK en TEPP ichh.)


Sled slopes, for winter family vacations less expensive than skiing. Carefully banked 3-km sledding slopes have been built in Bavarian mountain villages, with padded walls on the curves and lights for night-time sledding. The wooden sleds look highly steerable. Villages are happy to have the tourism, with local entrepreneurs expanding their shop assortments.

(ROAD el bonn.)

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