Nationale Anti-Doping Agentur, Germany’s national agency for combating illegal substances in sport. A recent Spiegel-Online editorial felt NADA could learn from the excellent recent work of its U.S. equivalent, USADA, which after years of investigations has successfully placed a lifelong ban on cyclist Lance Armstrong for doping.

“USADA has shown… in an exemplary manner, what is possible when an agency does not succumb to the pressure from sports, politics and sponsors, but instead investigates autonomously, fulfills its core task and wants to get close to the truth. With the spectacular Armstrong case, the USADA has emancipated itself, in an outstanding way. …Tygart and the USADA have shown what is possible when you’re interested in clarifying a matter and you use all the information at your disposal.” By which he means tax information from the IRS, inter alia.

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