“Life artist.” Someone whose main goal is to live a beautiful or at least interesting life. Can involve much improvisation. Some of the translations suggested at dict.leo.org: a jack of all trades, survivor, bohemian; a person who is cheerful, frugal, bon vivant; a master of the art of living, a person who finds pleasure in the simple things in life, someone who doesn’t let the stuff that makes you small make them small.

(LAY benz KOONST ler.)


Lit. “soully,” but it means mentally, emotionally, psychologically. Not to be confused with selig (ZAY lig), which means “blessed.” Seelisch is used in serious heartfelt German discussions between friends. It puts the conversation on a new serious footing, grounds the talk. From the heart? From the soul? DEEPer. Deeper and wider? “For real,” if you only say “for real” once.

(ZAY lish.)


The “grumbling of your feelings.” Having a weird feeling about something…

(Geh FOOLS grue meln.)


Nightmarish, oppressive, disturbing.

(Beh CLEM end.)


Concerned, affected, shocked, afflicted, struck aback by something.

(Beh TROFF en.)

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