Der grosse Schweiger

“The great silence-maintainer.” No, not Til Schweiger.

This is said to be the nickname of oligarch Dmitrij Jewgenjewitsch Rybolowljew. Originally a cardiologist from Perm, then he sold medical therapy based on magnetism, went into investment, became the head of a private bank, bought a majority interest in Uralkali. He sold his Uralkali interest in 2010 for ~$5 billion. Bought up to 10% of the Bank of Cyprus (but the bank’s website only listed him as owning 5% after the Cypriot banking crisis in 2013). He bought a $100 million villa from Donald Trump in May 2010 and 2/3 of the Monegasque royal family’s French soccer club AS Monaco in late 2011.

Sü wrote “Mr Rybolovlev and his 24-year-old daughter Yekaterina tend to invest in status symbols”: billion-dollar divorce (his not hers), $88 million NYC apt., paintings collection, private jet, leasing a Mediterranean island from the Onassis heirs.

(Dare   GROSS ah   SHVYE gah.)

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