“Auf einer Mission des Wissens”

“On a mission from knowledge,” Süddeutsche Zeitung’s homage to the Blues Brothers movie, in its announcement that Lila Tretikov will be the new boss of Wikipedia.

S.Z. mentioned that the Wikimedia Foundation now has 207 employees, and its projects include the Wiktionary dictionary, Wikiquote citations collection, Wikispecies index of biological species, Wikivoyage travel guide and Wikiversity collaboration platform for research projects.

Lila Tretikov said she appreciates Wikipedia because she still remembers how difficult it was to obtain information in the Soviet Union. And I appreciate it because I still remember how difficult it was to obtain information in Appalachia.

(Ow! f   eye nah   meese YONE   dess   VISS ens.)


“Men’s ballet.” Another gift from the internet is the very welcome wonderful wealth of videos showing male dancers gracing small-town German carneval celebrations.


XKCD’s thought experiment that involves the physics of a cute butt. Also, a “thank you for the thoughts.”

(Geh DONK en DONK.)

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