The year book printing was finally legalized in Brazil! Brazil was “guest giver” [Gastgeber] or host at the 2013 Frankfurt book fair, with a large beautiful stand creatively constructed from fireproof cardboards. They put up hammocks for visitors to read in.

(Acht say n HOON deah t ACHT.)

Barbarisch, nicht gezähmt, verwildert, wildlebend, wild

Barbaric, untamed, wilding, maenadic, agrestal, rambunctious.

German’s lack of a direct equivalent for “feral” makes it hard to translate Charles Stross’s recent essay about ways spam could invade end-users’ e-libraries.

Gepflegt, an antonym for feral, is difficult to translate into English.

(Bar BAR ish,   nichh t   get SAY mt,   fer VILLED urt,   villed LAY bend,   villed.)

Betreiber gigantischer Bibliotheken

“Operators of huge libraries.”

From a presentation at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair, describing Amazon.com and Apple.com as booksellers no longer but rather operators of gigantic libraries which readers must pay to access.

(Bett RYE bah   ghee GONT ish ah   bee blee oh TAY ken.)

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