“Für viel Geld, die Filet-Stücke des Internets erhalten”

“For a lot of money, receiving in return the prime cuts of the internet,” said European Parliament member Jan Philipp Albrecht (Green party).

E.U. commissioner Neelie Kroes announced a proposal that she said would guarantee net neutrality in the European Union while allowing companies to purchase advantages in the tubes. Critics said her doublespeaked plan is the opposite of net neutrality and would create the dreaded “two-class internet,” although as Spiegel.de pointed out it would fragment internet access into many more than two classes. Dozens if not hundreds of access classes would spawn, with opaqueness for consumers and many new sources of income for middlemen. Ms. Kroes introduced her plan on Thursday, 12 Sep 2013, saying she hoped to implement it rapidly. She praised her plan as the first time net neutrality would be protected throughout the entire European Union.

The proposal must be approved by the E.U. Council and the E.U. Parliament. There will be an E.U. parliamentary election in April 2014.

(Foor   FEEL   GELD   dee   fee LAY SHTOOK eh   dess   IN ta nets   err HALT en.)

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