Whoopee, shindig, rumbling rattling carneval fair. “Wann geht er los, der Rummel?” sings the audience in the opening to Jim Henson’s Muppet Show. “When does the rummel start?” Bundestag coalition negotiations may continue until January 2014.

(ROOM əl.)


Sounds made by a marching band.

(Ching dare ASSA boom.)


To slosh, swash. Topic of a recent Ig-Nobel Fluid Dynamics prize for a paper entitled “Walking With Coffee: Why Does It Spill?”

(SHVOP en.)


Schweifen is swooping, as in ballroom dancers shvife around the dance floor. The past tense version of this word is wonderful: schwuften (SHVOOF ten). Ballroom dancers shvoofed around the dance floor.

If you are “swooped out” (ausgeschweift, ow! ss geh shv eye ft) you have run riot, you are decadent, dissipated.

(Shv EYE fen.)

Schwuppdiwupp, Zack, Heidewitzka, Hopihalido

SHVOOP dee VOOP = ta daaa.

TSOCK: 1) pow, 2) voilà.

HIDE eh VITZ ka: woo hoo.

HOPE ee HOLL ee dough = cheap beer from Hamburg’s Holsten brewery.


What teenaged girls uttered when they saw the Beatles live.

(CRY sh.)


To gape, to be ajar, to yawn. What a loose sphincter does, or a budget shortfall.

(CLOFF en.)

klirrende Kälte

So cold, things jingle, clatter, clank. Onomatopoetically cold. Also a cocktail at Bolschoi, a bar in Marburg, Germany.

(CLEAR end ah KALE tah.)

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