“Artists’ Social Fund,” an institution that manages health insurance, pension and nursing insurance contributions for artists, musicians and writers, including journalists.

To be accepted into the K.S.K., applicants must show documentary evidence that they earn a significant portion of income from music, art or writing.

(KIN stlah zoh tsee ALL coss ah.)

Is des Des des Des, des des Des soi soll, oddä is des Des des Des, des des D soi soll?

Music joke in a Hessian dialect:

Is that D flat major the D flat major that’s supposed to be D flat major or is that D flat major the D flat major that’s supposed to be D?

(Iss   dess   DESS   dess   dess,   dess   dess   DESS   zoy   zoll,   oh deh   iss   dess   DESS   dess   dess,   dess   dess   DAY   zoy   zoll.)

Bremer Loch

The “Bremen hole,” a coin slot in a (beautiful) cast bronze donation box disguised as a manhole cover among the cobblestones in Bremen’s town square. If you drop a coin in, you’ll hear recordings of the Brementown musicians, activated by a photo cell.

(BRAY mah   LOCHH.)


“Shellack rarities,” rare old records. Hildesheim University is working with Teheran’s Music Museum of Iran to digitize thousands of old Iranian records, preserving them, cleaning up the recordings and making it possible to share them on a large scale. The first recording devices were brought to Iran by caravan about 100 years ago through Istanbul, reports the F.A.Z.

Hildesheim Uni’s Center for World Music has done this before. They worked with Germany’s Foreign Office to collect old records of popular music from markets in Ghana, Malawi and Sierra Leone, saving them and digitizing them. Now African radio stations can play their countries’ old music.

(Shell OCK rawr ee TATE en.)


“Care for the soul.” The CyprusAID combination food bank distribution and free outdoor concert on 01 Apr 2013 was mostly to bring people together and show that they are cared for, that they’re not facing these problems alone.

(ZAY len ZORG ah.)

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