Ständige Mitgliederversammlung

“Perpetual members meeting” online, a new system the German Pirate Party is discussing creating to make it easier for them to vote planks into their party platform, closing gaps in their still-too-small election program. Currently they and their “base democracy” goal seem bottlenecked because they only manage to work through and vote on substantial numbers of issues at face-to-face conventions, which only happen twice a year. Hundreds of proposals are submitted online but at most a few dozen can be discussed over a weekend meeting. A 24/7 permanent online meeting tool would not only enable more frequent voting on more issues but also let more people participate in discussion, another Pirate goal. Also the presumable automated history tracking possibilities and potential to reduce redundant effort sound interesting.

Pirates against the SMV criticize the loss of online anonymity necessary to reduce potential sock puppetry by hackers and sysadmins. Among proponents, the excellent Marina Weisband blogged that the Pirate party did promise its voters to be more permeable to their ideas, and this software structure would correct their failure to do so.

Update on 13 May 2013: At 58% yea, the SMV did not get the 2/3 majority vote required to pass.

(SHTEN diggah   MITT glee dah fer ZOM loong.)

“Themen statt Köpfe”

“Issues rather than heads.” Part of Pirate Marina Weisband’s discussion of the current state of and reporting on the German Pirate Party. She says it’s too bad there is such a focus among some journalists on personalities and people in the nascent political party, because the program is what will establish the group among voters. “Talking about personalities is tempting because it doesn’t require a lot of prior knowledge,” but the pirates have to get to work on the issues at hand, especially figuring out responsible ways for GPP politicians to process/grok hundreds of direct petitions before major political meetings.

(TAY men   shtot   KÖPF eh.)

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