Robot law, a research center at the University of Würzburg’s law school.

Jurists there are discussing the laws that will be needed for driverless cars, among other things.

The Süddeutsche Zeitung said car manufacturers have come up with a plan to move us to fully automated driving:

“Step 0: Manual driving.”

“1. Assisted driving with distance measurement, parking aids, lane tracking systems.”

“2. Partially automated driving: Drivers will no longer have to steer in certain situations, such as on the Autobahn, but they will remain vigilent.”

“3. Highly automated driving: The vehicle will find its way alone, but a person will still sit behind the steering wheel.”

“4. Fully automated driving: For certain applications such as parking and rearranging cars in parking garages, a driver is no longer necessary.”

“5. Driverless driving: Human drivers will no longer sit behind the wheel in these ‘robot taxis.'”

German car manufacturers are currently working on fusioning all the aids and assists that are on the market now. We’ll be between steps 2 and 3 for about the next five years, an industry representative said.

The head of the robot law working group at Würzburg said if driverless cars are given the status of e.g. an “ePerson,” they can be criminally prosecuted after an injury occurs. This would limit the liability of the auto manufacturers.

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A tatterdemalion carpet of many colors, a rag rug, a patchwork quilt. As a metaphor it means a medieval landscape of organically-grown legacy laws that vary unpredictably between numerous small zones (whose locations and borders may also be unpredictable). These countries are fun to visit and very instructive to the historian.

Though most modern economies are trying to make their laws simpler, more uniform and thus more predictable for businesspeople, some are not rationalizing their inherited lawscape and some are even heading in the opposite direction.

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“Plan determination process.” People living near Berlin’s new Willy Brandt Airport are trying get a court order to change the proposed landing paths, by petitioning for a new Planfeststellungsverfahren.

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“Legal nihilism.” What a lawyer for Russian punk band Pussy Riot called the fact that all the defense’s requests for access to the files, documents, witness reports, expert statements &c. have been denied by Putin’s government. “We can’t do a normal defense like this. If they’re declared guilty, that will be an expression of legal nihilism.”

(WRECKED snee hee leez moose.)

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