“Cross-enterers.” People who start a new career in nontraditional ways.


“Orchid subject.” Highly specialized university major. Süddeutsche Zeitung mentions Tibetology or Papyrology, for example, and notes that with sufficient practica and internships acquiring highly specialized expertise makes good sense with today’s technological opportunities in today’s economy.

(Orc id EH! en fochhh.)


“Youth guarantee.” The EU is concerned about the high rate of unemployment among young Europeans under 25. They have announced a new program guaranteeing unemployed young people a job or education opportunity, saying that will cost less in the long run than the consequences of long-term unemployment. The guaranteed job, education, apprenticeship or internship is to start no later than four months after high school graduation if no job is found. This is an Austrian program that the government in Brussels now wants to implement across Europe.

(YOO gend garr on tee.)

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