Air bridge.

On 12 Nov 2013 German news reported that military and civilian aid is starting to get to the stricken Philippines islands of Leyte and Samar by flying in to the western island of Cebu and then ferrying goods and people back and forth by air in a Luftbrücke, like what was used to supply West Berlin during the Cold War.

Arriving donations and doctors are bottlenecked in Manila by the typhoon’s destruction of the eastern islands’ transport infrastructure complicated by post-superstorm monsoon rains.

(LOOFT br-r-rick ah.)

“Wir müssen aufhören, alles schön zu reden.”

“We must stop talking everything beautiful,” just one of the moving statements made by Filipino negotiator Naderev Saño at the World Climate Change Conference in Warsaw, on 11 Nov 2013, after the biggest typhoon devastated many islands of the Philippines.

Mr. Saño said he will not eat during the global warming summit, “in solidarity with my countrymen who are struggling to find food back home and with my brother who has not had food for the last three days.”

The goal of this year’s global warming summit is to work out an agreement that will be passed in 2015 in Paris and come into effect in 2020, replacing the Kyoto Protocol. 194 countries are participating. Many people say the 2015 agreement as it currently stands will be too little too late to save low-lying areas, such as the beautiful city of Miami, an oceanside city only six feet above sea level.

Meanwhile, another typhoon devastated coastal regions of Somalia.

(Vir   MISS en   OW! f her en   all ess   SHIN   tsoo   RAY den.)

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