Savoir vivre und Esprit sind keine Schweinehälften

Savoir Vivre and Esprit ≠ Half Hogs,” a Süddeutsche Zeitung headline about the incredibly complex but promising trade negotiations between the E.U. and U.S.A.

(Salve war   VEEV   oond   ess SPREE   ZIND   k eye neh   SHVINE eh HEF ten.)

“Empört Euch!”

The capitalism-critical essay written in 2010 by Stéphane Hessel (orig. French title: “Indignez-vous!”; in English, “Time for Outrage”) who died this week aged 96. Born in Berlin, he became a French citizen in 1939, fought the Nazis in the Résistance and was captured and imprisoned in a concentration camp, from which he escaped. After the war, he helped with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and was a diplomat and writer.

The sequel to Hessel’s 2010 essay is “Engagiert Euch!” (“Engagez-vous!”, “Get Involved!”), written in 2011 with Gilles Vanderpooten. Wikipedia says these essays helped inspire people in the Occupy movement, among many others.

(Emp ƏRT   oychh.)

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