Unübersetzbare geschlechtsbezogene englische Euphemismen

“Untranslatable gender-based English euphemisms” that have to be explained or described because no equivalent was coined in German at the time.

“Violated” is one. You can say “raped” but I still don’t know how to say “violated” in German. Another is the Indian concept of “eve teasing,” public-space harrassment or molestation of women for being women.

(Oon über ZETS bar ah   geh SHLECHH ts bet soh gen ah   ENG lish ah   OY fem miz men.)

“Empört Euch!”

The capitalism-critical essay written in 2010 by Stéphane Hessel (orig. French title: “Indignez-vous!”; in English, “Time for Outrage”) who died this week aged 96. Born in Berlin, he became a French citizen in 1939, fought the Nazis in the Résistance and was captured and imprisoned in a concentration camp, from which he escaped. After the war, he helped with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and was a diplomat and writer.

The sequel to Hessel’s 2010 essay is “Engagiert Euch!” (“Engagez-vous!”, “Get Involved!”), written in 2011 with Gilles Vanderpooten. Wikipedia says these essays helped inspire people in the Occupy movement, among many others.

(Emp ƏRT   oychh.)

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