Barbarisch, nicht gezähmt, verwildert, wildlebend, wild

Barbaric, untamed, wilding, maenadic, agrestal, rambunctious.

German’s lack of a direct equivalent for “feral” makes it hard to translate Charles Stross’s recent essay about ways spam could invade end-users’ e-libraries.

Gepflegt, an antonym for feral, is difficult to translate into English.

(Bar BAR ish,   nichh t   get SAY mt,   fer VILLED urt,   villed LAY bend,   villed.)

Betreiber gigantischer Bibliotheken

“Operators of huge libraries.”

From a presentation at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair, describing and as booksellers no longer but rather operators of gigantic libraries which readers must pay to access.

(Bett RYE bah   ghee GONT ish ah   bee blee oh TAY ken.)

Kommentariat annotiert

The Commentariat is annotating.

The new marginalia commenting and the documented discussions it produces could turn ebooks into new social media silos, as online discussion moves to new places.

When online newspaper articles, blog posts and, now, ebook comments too, migrate from end notes to text-specific marginalia, new software visualizations could display online conversations as if in 3D, letting readers spot sapling/mangrove forest discussions at a glance and swoop along topic threads as if they were roller coaster tracks branching sideways off what used to be 2D text. Might make it easier to follow a discussion for some of us and for others be thoroughly distracting.

Non-anonymous I.D.’s could be taken from Twitter. Reddit tools could be useful as well. In addition to rating and flagging each other’s texts, commenters could tag their own comments, helping address and organize them.

(COM en tar ee OTT   on oh TEE at.)

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