Sparen nach Rasenmäher-Methode

Lawnmower savings method,” i.e. the USA’s unusual choice to implement across-the-board spending cuts on itself. On Tuesday, 5 Mar 2013, Jeremy Keehn wrote in Harper’s week-in-review,

“President Barack Obama blamed the sequestration on the intransigence of House Republicans; House Republicans blamed Obama’s desire for new tax revenues in addition to budget cuts and Senate Democrats’ failure to pass a replacement bill; House Democrats blamed House Republicans for spitefulness and Obama for underestimating House Republicans’ spitefulness; Mitt Romney blamed Obama for poor leadership; and lexicographers blamed the prevalence in the media of the noun ‘sequester’ on the complexity of the more proper ‘sequestration.'”

(SHPAW wren   nochh   ROZ en MAY err   met ODE eh.)

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