“Cream slices,” meaning something very very nice.

(ZAH neh shnitt eh.)


“Ennoblement” in the kitchen, to pep up your recipes. In addition to the ubiquitous chives and other windowsill herbs cut at the last minute and scattered on top, German cooks might add (organic) cream, maybe some olives, gravlachs, fresh forest mushrooms cooked in butter, duck liver, a dollop of cheap caviar. Bacon too, but cubed and not in thin crisp strips. Or salty air-dried Parma ham cut so thin you can see the light shine through it.

(Fair EH dell n.)

Savoir vivre und Esprit sind keine Schweinehälften

Savoir Vivre and Esprit ≠ Half Hogs,” a Süddeutsche Zeitung headline about the incredibly complex but promising trade negotiations between the E.U. and U.S.A.

(Salve war   VEEV   oond   ess SPREE   ZIND   k eye neh   SHVINE eh HEF ten.)


“Life artist.” Someone whose main goal is to live a beautiful or at least interesting life. Can involve much improvisation. Some of the translations suggested at a jack of all trades, survivor, bohemian; a person who is cheerful, frugal, bon vivant; a master of the art of living, a person who finds pleasure in the simple things in life, someone who doesn’t let the stuff that makes you small make them small.

(LAY benz KOONST ler.)

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