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A cheerful way to say “off,” a status that may have become quantum in home computing.

Off means off, and offline means offline, except in your computers and similar devices since at least as far back as 2008.

(Ow! ss   dee   mouse.)


Giving the wrong candidate the job.

Leftists party members (~10% of the Bundestag) tried and failed to delay the 19 Dec 2013 vote that confirmed Andrea Voßhoff (C.D.U.) as Germany’s new national data protection officer, replacing Peter Schaar (Green party?). The position is supposed to be party-neutral and is currently bossed by the interior minister (Thomas de Maizière, C.D.U.).

Jan Korte (Leftists) said because Andrea Voßhoff voted to support Vorratsdatenspeicherung, online searches—apparently meaning police searches of people’s tech—and expanding the powers of Germany’s intelligence agencies, she probably was not the best choice to become the country’s top advocate for protecting burghers’ data privacy.

A speaker for the Green party (~9% of the Bundestag) said they too are worried about Ms. Voßhoff as the national data protection officer, but recent revelations about mass electronic spying by e.g. the N.S.A. have shown the whole world how important these rights are. Even an enemy of these rights would now have to support reforms increasing protections of these rights, the Green party member said. Right?

(FAIL bezz ZOTS oong.)

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