“Doping hunters.”

The Deutscher Fussball-Bund [“German Soccer Association”] and new Nationaler Antidoping-Agentur [“National Anti-doping Agency”] compromised on 500 anti-doping tests in professional German soccer in the coming season. That is 500 tests total for apparently all Bundesliga, second Liga and Junior teams, as well as the “A” national team. This averages out to fewer than two blood tests this year per each of the 36 professional teams, according to ZDF heute journal and There will be 75 blood and urine tests and 425 tests of urine only. A Dopingjäger pharmacologist criticized the numbers as insufficient and the current negotiation process as “pure cow trading* and nothing more.” He also said the new agreement includes a 15% reduction in urine tests. Canada’s C.B.C. reported that any anti-doping blood tests at all would be a new thing in the Bundesliga.

Statistics provided on the D.F.B. website at the time of the August 2013 announcement said the association had six million members.

* Cow trading means horse trading.

(DOPE ingk YAY gah.)

Der Elefant im Porzellanladen

“The elephant in the porcelain store,” German equivalent of the bull in the china shop.

(Derrr eh lay FONT im por tsell ON lodd en.)


“Gold donkey,” the German equivalent of a cash cow.

(GOLD eh zel.)

Saufen wie die Stiere

Drinking like bulls.

(ZOW fen vee dee SHTEER ah.)

Die Kuh ist noch auf dem Eis

“The cow is still on the ice,” i.e., a cow accidentally wandered onto thin ice and is in danger of drowning.

(Dee COO isst nock owf dame ICE.)

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