Erichs Lampenladen

Erich Honecker’s lampe shoppe.

Nickname of the Palast der Republik in the former East Berlin, which had many moderne chandeliers under its ceilings.

From a wonderful website featuring timelines, videos and other explanations and evidence to help Berlin tourists celebrate 24 years of the fall of the Wall and to help everyone remember what things were like in the walled city between 1961 and 1989.

(Air ichhhhhh z   LOMP en LOD en.)

antifaschistische Schutzmauer

The “antifaschist protection wall.” What the East German government called the Berlin Wall.

(Auntie fash ISS tish ah SHOOTS mao er.)

die Zone

“The Zone.” What West Germans used to call East Germany.

(Dee TSOH na.)

stalinistischer Zuckerbäckerstil

“Stalinist ‘sugar baker’ style.” Stalinist wedding cake architecture. Monumental buildings with strange ornamentation.

(Shtol een ISS tish er TSOOK er beck er shteel.)

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