Geklonte Identität

Cloned identity.” After receiving a surprisingly low percentage of the vote in October 2012’s direct election—the first direct election, in which all party members were eligible to vote, of chancelor-level candidates in a German political party—Green chair Claudia Roth was reconfirmed as party leader at the Green political convention on 17 Nov 2012. In her speech before the convention vote she said, “You must decide whether I’m the right one, as I am, with corners and edges. Because I don’t want to change that. And I don’t like cloned identity.” An agreeable surprise to hear words like that from a politician under duress.

The Greens want to improve their social issues platform. Spiegel-Online listed some of the other decisions reached and ongoing discussions at their recent convention (status as of 18 Nov 2012, when the convention wasn’t yet over): 100% renewable energy by 2030, no armed drones in the military, stronger rights for asylum seekers, labeling for vegetarian food, torture to be criminalized per se in the penal code (?), a motion approved against discrimination of Sinti and Roma; discussion about religious circumcision, debate of European policy.

(Geh CLONE teh   eeee DENT ee TATE.)

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