Rechtspopulisten, Rechtsradikale oder Rechtsextreme?

ZDF heute journal was kind enough to provide definitions for the terminology they use to describe right-wing parties that may or may not belong to the Europe-skeptical wing.

The question is whether the party supports the constitution. “Radical political opinions have their place in our pluralistic societal order,” ZDF said the federal Verfassungsschutz said.

Federal Verfassungsschutz defines extremists as those who work against core content of the constitution.

Populists “provide simple and not necessarily always completely correct answers to questions that are sometimes quite complex,” said ZDF.

Before Edward Snowden, one would have said that based on their attitude toward the constitution Verfassungsschutz would have kept an eye on extremists but not radicals or populists. However, now we know that no one’s data is safe.

ZDF said right-wing populists and radicals but not extremists include: F.P.Ö. in Austria, U.K.I.P. in U.K., Front National in France, Gert Wilders’s “Party of Freedom” in the Netherlands and Jobbik in Hungary.

Right-wing extremists include: the “Golden red of morning” [Goldener Morgenröte] in Greece and the neonazi N.P.D. party in Germany.

(RECTS pop ew LIST en,   rects rod ee CAWL ah   oh dah   rects ex TRAY mah?)

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