Tag des Rocks

It looks like it means Day of RAWK, but in German it also means Day of the Skirt. On 16 May 2014, male high school students and some male teachers in northwestern France wore skirts to school to protest sexism. They looked like such nice boys in the photos in the international press.

Frankfurt’s excellent conservative business newspaper joked that jour de la jupe could be the start of a television career for the charming protesters.

The national education ministry in Paris printed posters with the movement’s logo, “Ce que soulève la jupe,” [what raises your skirt], which, said the Frankfurter Allgemeine, approximately means what questions a skirt raises! Spiegel said the movement’s motto translated as what does the skirt hide? [was verbirgt der Rock?].

Conservatives and pious homophobes did respond with outrage, saying this meant the end of the République and western civilization, Spiegel.de reported. Yes, girls and boys are equal, but if boys act like girls it will damage the boys, some declaimed. The objecters apparently ignored last year’s jour de la jupe, and Scottish rugby, but this year they’d already mobilized for unsuccessful attempts to stop gay marriage in France and saw an opportunity.

(Tochh   dess   Rocks.)

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