“Ich lasse es nicht zu, dass Sie unseren Blödsinn hier als Unfug bezeichnen!”

“I will not stand here and allow you to call our malarkey foolery,” ladies and gentlemen of the court!

From the Cologne carneval comedy troupe Stunksitzung’s 2013 mock trial of several office ladies for snipping off a colleague’s tie on Weiberfastnacht, after first making him will-less by singing traditional carneval songs multiple times and pouring old man’s schnapps into him. At work.

Unfug means monkeyshines, horseplay, mischief, flim-flam, foolery, skylarking and rags, so the root word Fug, which is no longer used, must be the opposite of that.

The internet says Fug derives from old Germanic words for things that fit well together and indicates meetness, appropriateness, ability, skill, virtuosity, craft, artistry [Kunstfertigkeit, Schicklichkeit]. It’s still used today in the phrase Fug und Recht, lawful authorization.

(Ichh   lossah   ess   nichh t   tsoo,   doss   zee   oonz ren   BLID zinn   here   olls   OON foog   bets EYE chh nen.)

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