Passengers association.

The European Passengers’ Federation warned in an August 2013 Spiegel.de article that the airlines’ lobbying efforts in Brussels were getting their proposed rule changes into drafts of new guidelines that would make passengers pay for airlines’ management mistakes.

Specifically, it looked like airlines might be pushing successfully to raise the threshold of a three-hour delay, after which airlines owe up to 600 euros to each delayed passenger, up to five hours or even longer.

A Christmas 2013 Spiegel.de article said 36% of European flights experience delays but only 2% to 4% of delayed European air passengers with a right to the >3-hour money were claiming it because the airlines were making the procedure as difficult as possible, e.g. by requiring each passenger to go to court.

Apparently private companies are stepping up to help. Firms like EUClaim.de and FairPlane.de (“No disadvantages without advantages!”) will prosecute your claim for you, taking 30% of any money obtained but not charging you if they lose.

(Far GHAST fair bond.)

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