Einheitliches Handy-Ladekabel

“Common recharger.”

After compromising five years ago by having manufacturers voluntarily provide an extra U.S.B. phone recharger port in addition to their mutually incompatible plugs, the E.U. parliament has now reached a “provisional deal” for a mandatory common device that can recharge all mobile phones (and all tablet devices) sold in Europe, effective in three years. This requirement will be added to the radio equipment rules package that hasn’t been entirely negotiated yet. Before the three-year countdown can be started (estimated possibly March 2014) it must still be approved by the Member States’ governments and the European parliament’s plenum, and get past some officials from the Industry Committee [Industriekommission] thought to be against mandating universal chargers though their boss, Antonio Tajani, is for it. Officials from the Industry Committee would also be responsible for deciding which device would become the universal charger, said Süddeutsche.de.

(Eye n HEIGHT lichh ess   HEN dee   lodd ah cobb ell.)

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