“Wir wollen ein Volk der guten Nachbarn werden, nach innen und nach aussen.”

“We want to become a people who are good neighbors, inside and outside our country.”

The last sentence concluding Willy Brandt’s address to the Bundestag on 28 Oct 1969.

“XV. Dedication to democracy.

“This government will not humor people, telling them only what they want to hear. It will demand a lot, not only from others but from itself as well. It will set concrete goals. These goals can only be achieved if a few things change in burghers’ relationship to their country and to their government.

“In democracy, a government can only be successfully effective if that government is carried by burghers’ democratic dedication and involvement. We have as little need for blind acceptance as our population has little need for splayed dignity and regal distance. We are not seeking admirers; we need people who think critically along with us, co-decide and share the responsibility.

“This government’s confident self-awareness will externalize in the form of tolerance. Therefore it will also appreciate the solidarity demonstrated by criticism. We are not the select; we are elected. That is why we seek dialog with everyone willing to make efforts for this democracy.

“In the last few years, some people in this country feared the second German democracy would go the way of the first one. I never believed this. I believe it less today than ever before.

“No. We are not at the end of our democracy. We’re just getting started. We want to become a people who are good neighbors, inside and outside our country.”

(Veer   VOLE en   eye n   FOLK   dare   goot en   NOCHH bar-r-r n   vair den,   nochh   inn en   oont   nochh   OW! sen.)

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