Ausserparliamentarische Opposition, A.P.O.

“Extra-parliamentary opposition,” people who aren’t legislators making their policy criticism known in various legal ways. A.P.O. will have to get strong and loud in Germany again if the grosse Koalition agreement is approved, leaving a “bonsai” Bundestag opposition totalling only 19% (Leftists + Greens). That’s so small rules will have to be relaxed to let a group that size do the relatively powerless things it can do such as launch an inquiry [Untersuchungsausschuss], call a special meeting [Sondersitzung] or ask the constitutional court in Karlsruhe to determine whether laws are in compliance with the German constitution [Normenkontrollklage].

The coming grosse Koalition, Germany’s second-largest, will be able to change anything it wants, like a steamroller. Including constitutional amendments.

(Ow! sah pah lee ah ment A-R-R ish ah   opp oh zee tsee OWN.)

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