Merkwürdige Umkehrung rechtsstaatlicher Logik

Remarkable reversal of rule-of-law logic.” One of Heribert Prantl’s points in his op-ed on fundamental rights [Grundrechte], the German constitution and various countries’ mass trawling to collect world communications.

“In the countries of the western world, led by the U.S.A., a remarkable process of reversal of rule-of-law logic is underway: Whether a country is ruled by law is apparently no longer measured by whether the country upholds people’s fundamental rights. Instead, the violations of fundamental rights are justified by saying it’s a rule-of-law country doing the violating. The concept of ‘rule of law’ is being stripped naked of its content and used willy-nilly despite what it actually means. The United States are justifying even the worst ominousnesses by saying ‘but we’re a Rechtsstaat (rule-of-law country).’ Apparently people think that even nobilifies waterboarding.

“…A state that views its burghers with generalized suspicion and fundamentally mistrusts everybody is not strong. A state is strong that has the security that human rights and burgher rights are the best guarantors of internal security. A democratic state, which only exists because of and from the freedom of its people, must not turn against its creators.”

(MERK voor diggah   OOM care oong   WRECKED shtot lichh err   LO! gick.)

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