Erfahrung, Entdeckung, Gestaltung

“Experience, discovery, creation.” Gerald Hüther researches brains in Göttingen and talked about (non-extreme cases of) ADHD recently on ZDF heute journal. He emphasized that children are in a development process and said they require experience, that not getting enough of the right experiences and too much of the wrong experiences can lead to ADHD symptoms. “There may never have been a time when children had so few opportunities to show what they can do, to work together with others to solve tasks and problems.” He said in schools that are getting it right “children learn to set off together and discover things or create things or, even more important, to work together to handle/take care of something [sich um etwas kümmern]. Children want to be important. Boys especially. I think that’s why boys have more problems with ADHD, because in contemporary society they scarcely have any opportunities left to simply show that they can do things, that they are important.” When asked to suggest solutions for parents who might not be able to send their children to the most ideal schools, Hüther said one thing caregivers can do is think about what they can undertake together with children, “not so much hobbies as working together with children to handle/take care of something/fix an issue. Going together with children on expeditions of discovery, creating together with the children. Kids who are in the Scouts have lower incidences of ADHD. Kids who live in rural areas where there’s lots to do, where they can work with others to take care of something, have lower rates of ADHD.”

(Er FAR oong,   ent DECK oong,   ge SHTOLT oong.)

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