Sloppiness, can be personal or professional. In the crowdsourced investigations of German politicians’ doctoral theses for plagiarism, a certain amount of overlap is said to be mere Schludrigkeit, more can cross a line though. Currently under investigation: the doctoral thesis of Germany’s Minister for Education, Annette Schavan (CDU). One anonymous blogger has posted that she didn’t include enough attributions in her section on Freud and that otherwise she made the mistake of identifying citations from secondary sources as text from primary sources. Not as bad as the plagiarism found in the crowdsourced Guttenplag and Vroniplag, in other words. I’m still waiting to find out about Helmut Kohl’s doctoral thesis.

Update: The anonymous blogger’s assessment was confirmed in an evaluation done for the University of Düsseldorf. More tomorrow!

(SHLOO drick kite.)

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