“Not proportional.” Improper. Like how a tiny number of Bundestag delegates amended a bill during the recent Italy vs. Germany match to permit their gubmint to sell the contact information—the names, addresses, phone numbers, &c.—people must provide when they mandatorily register their residence in Germany. The new law is required because in future residents are going to have to register their contact information with the federal government instead of the state ones. The “Italy” amendment flipped the default from “burghers must give permission before their data can be sold” to “burghers must forbid the selling of their data or their data will be sold.” The “score” of delegates added an excemption to even that: when people state that they do not want Angela Merkel’s government, and all governments after hers, to sell their personal data to address dealers and marketing firms, the government will still release this data to entities seeking to correct errors in their databases.

Update on 21 Sept. 2012: The Bundesrat stopped this law. It’s been sent back for rewriting.

(Oon fer HAIL t niss mace ick.)

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